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Experiential learning programs enable students to integrate their academic studies with work experiences and career exploration. The institution provides assistance in finding these opportunities. Experiential learning options include:

Externships/Internships: Real-world experience combined with an educational environment, which can be required for graduation in some programs. These opportunities are crucial for enhancing students’ marketability in the workforce and networking with potential employers. The Career Services Advisor and Program Director will assist students in finding externships and reviewing the process.

Clinical Rotations/Preceptorships: Required for certain healthcare programs, these opportunities expose students to various clinical settings and specialties, providing direct experience in their field and networking with industry connections. These opportunities are facilitated through the Academic department.

Apprenticeships: Longer real-world experiences combined with an educational environment, usually over a year, which provide on-the-job training while students are actively obtaining their degree. This opportunity is currently available for the CIS program in the North Carolina and South Carolina region and is approved by the North Carolina and South Carolina Department of Labor. Contact your Program Director for more information.

Federal Work Study program: Available for active students who have completed at least one term and are financial aid eligible. Locations are available on and off-campus. Eligible students should see their Career Services Advisor to find out how to apply.

Volunteer options: opportunities through local communities to add extracurricular activities to students’ resumes and enhance civic leadership. Contact your Career Services Advisor to find out what volunteer opportunities are available in your area. You can also check out www.volunteermatch.org for opportunities in your area.

Virtual Experience Programs: some companies offer job shadowing or webinars for a limited time to experience “a day in the life” of a particular career or company. Scroll below for a list of current opportunities.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform Verizon

United States
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Secure a cloud-based application at Verizon

Welcome to our program! We are so excited to have you here.

This program …

Data Visualisation: Empowering Business with Effective Insights

Data Visualisation: Empowering Business with Effective Insights Tata

United States
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Gain insights into leveraging data visualisations as a tool for making informed business decisions.

Tata Group is a global conglomerate …

Excel Skills for Business

Excel Skills for Business Goldman Sachs

United States
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Goldman Sachs Skills Virtual Experience Program

Global Finance and Business Management

Global Finance and Business Management JPMorgan Chase & Co.

United States
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Global Finance and Business Management (GF & BM) Virtual Experience Program

Introduction to Business Teams

Introduction to Business Teams Linklaters UK

United States
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Introduction to Business Teams Virtual Experience Programme