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Which colleges are best for veterans? Those offering training, support

By Connie Mabin

When Madelyn Coppick separated from the Navy in 2020, she had two tours under her belt, including one in Bahrain. The operations specialist loved the routine in the military and excelled in her career serving on a …

By Michelle Winnie
Michelle Winnie Regional Director
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8 strategies for students and recent grads to stand out when applying to jobs

In a highly competitive job market, standing out is crucial. We asked eight professionals, including a Chief Human Resources Officer and a Head of Growth, to share their unique strategies. From harnessing the power of cover letters to telling a …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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How to Deal with a Job Offer While You’re Still Interviewing

If you’ve been particularly industrious when it comes to your job search you might be feeling overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and interviews, but what happens when you receive a job offer while you’ve got a bunch of other post-interview …

By Firsthand
We help applicants, students, job-seekers and professionals like you find the right career path using the power of firsthand experiences.
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