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The Qualities of a Strong Work Ethic

There’s a phrase that’s becoming more and more common in today’s workplace: “Your degree and technical skills will land you a job, but your work ethic will advance you.” Work ethic is much more than simply showing up to your …

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The Qualities of a Strong Leader

What are the qualities of a strong leader? What is the most effective leadership style? What does a great leader do that makes you want to follow them? We asked these questions and more to some of our recent alumni …

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Second Round Interviews: Part 2

In the second part of our two part series, we help break down the differences between first and second round interviews as well as highlight some of the bigger mistakes that can end your hiring chances on the spot.

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Second Round Interviews: Part 1

Have you ever arrived home from a job interview feeling like you just cleared a major hurdle only to find out that the company would like you to come back in for another interview? Although daunting, this is a sign …

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How to Use Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is defined as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Whether it’s a CFO brainstorming ways to finance a last-minute project or an intern calculating how many pizzas to order for …

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