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Students and Graduates are able to seek assistance in resume development with Career Services.   If you are searching for employment and applying for a position, a resume tailored to each position is highly recommended.  There are many candidates applying for the same position, set yourself apart by creating a resume full of your skills and knowledge in your field.  Utilize our starter guides and resources below to get started.

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How to Fill Out Common Resume Sections

In our previous video we tackled some of the bigger-picture questions such as “should I include a summary or statement?” and “is it ok to use a template?” Now we focus on constructing each individual section of a standard, chronological …

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Common Resume Questions

Writing a resume can be an intimidating process; it’s a first impression used by employers to determine whether or not to proceed to an interview. It’s natural for first-time job seekers or career-changers to ask, “where do I even start?” …

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The Biggest Resume Red Flags

Some resumes have the “x factor” and some don’t. Want to find out what makes a hiring manager toss a resume directly into the garbage? Some reasons may seem obvious but some may surprise you!

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Resume Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Looking for a job? Here are the do’s and don’ts to writing a great resume!

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