Careers in the Private Criminal Justice Industry

Careers in the Private Criminal Justice Industry was originally published on College Recruiter.

Criminal justice is an academic discipline which broadly describes social control as administered by governments and private institutions. More often than not it is the government administered forms of criminal justice which seem to get all the attention with degree program administrators and students pursuing criminal justice studies.
Benefits of obtaining private employment can sometimes surpass those offered by public institutions. Public institutions are governed by acts, statutes, and laws, which strictly regulate how that institution is funded. This means that an administrator in a public criminal justice administration could not hand out a promotion or even a bonus without prior approval from senior administrators and directors.
Private businesses are becoming more and more competitive with public institutions in the criminal justice job markets. Many government salaries now pale in comparison to their private sector counter parts. Your decision to apply for private or public criminal justice jobs should be based on what your ultimate goals are. Some argue that private sector jobs are for the unqualified or the greedy. This could not be further than the truth. Many private sector criminal justice employees chose their professions because they enjoy what they do and they feel rewarded by it. Just because a person makes a lot of money it doesn’t mean that they can’t feel pride or passion for what they do. Many very high paid members of private criminal justice companies do a lot of good things for the public at large at no cost to the tax payer. It’s like safety for free. Continue reading …
Article by, T. Jay Kane and courtesy of Associated Content, Inc.

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