ECPI Alum Paul Thrasher: From Car Salesman to Network Engineer

Alumni Spotlight: Paul Thrasher

Paul Thrasher was working as a car salesman when he decided to follow his passion into Information Technology. He already had bachelor’s degree in criminology from a traditional university, but since his degree wasn’t in something he was passionate about, he never truly utilized it.

Once he decided to pursue IT, ECPI University’s Moorefield campus quickly became his university of choice. Persuaded by graduate success stories and a schedule tailored to working adults, Paul soon enrolled and started his studies. 

At first, Paul was juggling school and working nights. With the support of ECPI’s Career Services, his Campus President, and dedicated faculty, he landed a job in the IT industry working a stable 9-5. The schedule change was seamless thanks to the ECPI staff and Paul was able to go on to earn his associate degree in Cyber Security. 

Today, Paul works as a Network Engineer at DVD Networks. He maintains network health, from switches to firewalls, and enjoys decoding network intricacies and crafting logical topology diagrams. He’s taken advantage of the discounted certification vouchers offered to ECPI students and alumni, and has obtained his CCNA and Network+ certifications!

Paul tells current students to “be passionate about your degree, and it will pay off.”  

Paul has the degree and the career he’s always dreamed of. “Going to ECPI was truly one of the best choices I have ever made,” Paul said.

By Michelle Winnie
Michelle Winnie Regional Director